TRU-POS True Position Locators
Over 300 sizes in stock!
Tapered Unified
Tapered Metric
Tapered Heli-Coil
Metric Heli-Coil
NPT Pipe Thread
NPSF Pipe Thread
NPTF Pipe Thread
New Series!
BSPP British Pipe Thread
New Series!
BSPT British Pipe Thread
New Series!
Tru-Pos Miscellaneous


Tru-Pos Miscellaneous

LOT-CC Certificate of Compliance (Lot Charge) $15.00

TP-BOX-12 (Wooden Box-12 Pc) $30.00

TP-BOX-27 (Wooden Box-27 Pc) $40.00

Any order of 5 or more pieces will be shipped in a hardwood box
at no additional charge!
Additional boxes can be ordered here.
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